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White Rhino Haze Hash

White Rhino Haze Hash is derived from a sativa dominant hybrid strain bred to offer a strong and heady high. A cross between White Rhino x Amnesia Haze, White Rhino Haze Hash offers an uplifting high and a delicious flavour to the person lucky enough to get their hands on it! Best used in the daytime, This hash is ideal for those suffering from pain due to its high level of THC. White Rhino Haze Hash is a perfect choice for medicinal use and is well known for easing pain, stress and depression and mild anxiety. Perfectly suited to Netflix or walking the dog, White Rhino Haze Hash is a great all-rounder. This strain of hash has a strong spicy piney flavour with sweet and citrusy notes. The delicious limonene and pinene taste is immaculate and lends itself to a smooth smoke. 54% THC 1.5% CBD Mix and Match different strains for the lowest prices here!