superman hash

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Superman Hash

Hashish has a history nearly as ancient as the cannabis plant itself. While some consider Middle Eastern producers to be the eminent authorities in the realm of hashish, Canadians are rapidly narrowing the gap! Superman Hash serves as a prime illustration of numerous domestically cultivated hashish varieties thriving in British Columbia. Crafted according to Moroccan traditions and methods, this strain captures the essence of classic hashish from the 1980s. Its rich, spicy notes and earthy nuances are distinctive features. Superman Hash has excellent pliability, making it easy to work with and even easier to smoke. 40.1% THC 0.25%

Alchemist Afghani Hash

Discover our Alchemist Afghani Hash, designed to elevate your senses with its delicious aroma that fills the room when you break it open. This hash is incredibly malleable and easy to use for any purpose. It features a rich, spicy scent that's typical of our import style hashes, making it a delight to smoke. Its potency strikes a perfect balance, offering strong effects without overwhelming you for the entire day. Enjoy its refined qualities and expect a blissful, relaxing experience with intoxicating effects and a soothing body stone. 44.1% THC 0.10%