ketama gold moroccan blonde hash

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AAAA+ Ketama Gold Moroccan Blonde Hash

Ketama, or “Ketama Xaoen,” is the name of the 100% Indica Moroccan Hash, derived from Northern Morocco. This strain has been adapted to fit European growing conditions, making its way from Kif country in Morocco to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. The 100% Indica makeup of Ketama Kush produces relaxing effects and can act as an effective treatment for pain. Users report an incredible, euphoric high, encouraging a positive, uplifted feeling due to the high level of THC in this great hash. Upon smoking Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash, creative thoughts start to take over, while sedating the body so that the user can enjoy a unique, psychedelic experience while feeling calm. Users can expect to sink into deep relaxation with this 100% Indica high, with little motivation to move. Ketama Gold stands out as a favourable hash for specific medical purposes, including the alleviation of chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and migraines. Its flavour profile echoes that of classic hashish varieties, featuring hints of woodiness, spiciness, and subtle pine undertones. 61% THC 2.2% CBD