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Carnage Hash

Carnage, an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a composition of 70% indica and 30% sativa, boasts an impressive THC content exceeding 30%, yielding top-quality buds ideal for medicinal purposes. Developed through a blend of Grape Widow, Hindu Kush, and Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, it emits a potent aroma that combines dank meatiness with hints of grape and Kush, creating an enticing fragrance that’s overpowering. In terms of taste, Carnage offers a distinct profile – creamy, kushy, and piney, leaving a grape aftertaste. This contrasts with its potent aroma, making it a perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking an intense experience. It delivers a sensational body buzz inducing feelings of happiness and euphoria, though it may also lead to couch-lock, making it suitable for nighttime use. Despite its potency, Carnage remains popular among patients managing various medical conditions like stress, muscle spasms, pain, insomnia, and anxiety, solidifying its status as a sought-after option in the medicinal cannabis landscape. 43.98% THC 0.35%