caduceus afghani hash

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Caduceus Afghani Hash

Caduceus Afghani Hash is a highly regarded strain of hash originally produced in and around Afghanistan, making it one of the most common varieties on the market. This type of hash has been used both therapeutically and recreationally for centuries, with its medicinal properties explored in alternative medicine research since the eighteenth century. Its potent and relaxing high makes it a favourite among users, whether they are seasoned pros or newcomers, and its unique qualities ensure it stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking powerful therapeutic effects and a versatile consumption experience. The production of Caduceus Afghani Hash involves extracting resin powder from raw cannabis plants, typically small and bushy indica's. This resin is then hand-pressed into blocks using a small amount of tea or water, a technique characteristic of Afghani hash strains. This method imparts a soft consistency and high elasticity to the hash. The final product features a black exterior with a dark green or dark brown interior and emits a strong, spicy, and aromatic smell. The high from Caduceus Afghani Hash is primarily physical, providing an intense body buzz, euphoria, and relaxation, often leading to a heavy couch-lock effect. These effects make it especially beneficial for alleviating symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety.
45.4% THC 0.60% CBD