blueberry hash

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Blueberry Hash

Blueberry Hash is a type of hashish that's been infused with the flavour and scent of the Blueberry Kush strain of the cannabis plant. It's in high demand among cannabis users for its distinct and delicious taste. The Blueberry Kush strain is famed for its sweet, fruity flavour and scent, along with its unique blend of berry and skunky undertones. When these qualities merge with the potent effects of hashish, it creates a truly delightful and satisfying experience for fans of cannabis. 51% THC 0.65% CBD

Philosopher’s Stone Blueberry Hash

Our Blueberry Hash is a quality, hand-pressed hash from a local cannabis connoisseur in Vancouver, British Columbia. Following the addition of a small amount of water, the hash is pressed. It is characterized by the scent and taste of blueberries. This product’s THC averages 45+% percent and has a slow build, but once it kicks in, it is long-lasting. This hash has a sweet aroma of blueberry and pine, with a soft and pliable texture and a mild to strong taste that is very smooth and does not overwhelm you immediately. For those looking to have a chill day or help fight stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia this is an excellent choice. 60% THC 0.55% CBD