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AAAA – Pre Roll – Apples and Bananas

A pre-rolled joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Apples and Bananas is a meticulously crafted hybrid strain, perfectly balanced with a 50% indica and 50% sativa composition, resulting from a blend of the delectable [(Platinum Cookies X Granddaddy Purple) X Blue Power] X Gelatti strains. As its name suggests, this bud delivers an unforgettable flavour profile. Apples and Bananas offers a delightful fusion of sweet and fruity notes, featuring luscious sugary bananas intertwined with tangy sour apples, accented by a hint of black pepper. The aroma takes a spicier turn, emitting bold punches of savoury diesel complemented by sweet chemical undertones. The effects induced by Apples and Bananas are equally satisfying, delivering a full-bodied experience that hits with intensity, leaving users in a blissful haze. Almost instantaneously, you'll feel the uplifting effects enveloping your mind, inducing a state of euphoric happiness accompanied by a surge of creativity. As your thoughts meander through artistic realms, a profound sense of relaxation will gradually spread throughout your entire body, accompanied by a tingling sensation that can turn both stimulating and arousing at times. With its remarkably high average THC content ranging from 23% to 30% and 2% CBD level, Apples and Bananas stands as an excellent choice for alleviating various ailments, including chronic pain, depression, persistent stress, appetite loss, nausea, muscle spasms, and cramps. Hybrid In-house pre-rolled joint  No trim Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams

AAAA – Pre Roll – Meatbreath

A pre-rolled joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Meatbreath stands as a rare and perfectly balanced hybrid strain, comprised of an equal mix of 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, resulting from the crossing of the renowned Meatloaf and Mendo Breath strains. As its name implies, this bud delivers an extraordinary flavour experience that lingers on the palate for hours. Meatbreath offers a profoundly dank and spicy citrus diesel taste, underscored by a distinctive hint of meatloaf upon exhale. Its aroma takes a potent turn, emitting harsh chemical diesel notes intertwined with spicy, decomposing meats, filling any space with its robust fragrance. The high induced by Meatbreath is as captivating as its flavour profile, boasting well-rounded effects that impact both the mind and body with considerable potency, thanks to its impressive average THC content ranging from 24% to 29%. Shortly after consumption, you'll experience a euphoric onset that envelops the mind, instilling a gentle uplift in energy. Meanwhile, your body will gradually ease into a state of light relaxation, alleviating any discomfort and leaving you entirely at ease with your surroundings. Hybrid In-house pre-rolled joint  No trim Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams

AAAA – Pre Roll – Bruce Banner

A pre-rolled joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. This tribute to the iconic comic book character has the potential to transform even the most formidable individuals into relaxed, unassuming individuals. It boasts a potent relaxation effect, thanks to its sativa-dominant genetics (with a ratio of 60% sativa to 40% indica), offering a substantial THC punch of nearly 29% in some tests. For patients seeking the utmost in potency, this strain is considered a holy grail. The cerebral high is profoundly euphoric, accompanied by enhanced creativity and an overall uplift in mood. With elevated energy levels, it's suitable for daytime use. Bruce Banner serves as a highly effective analgesic, while also offering relief for anxiety, depression, nausea, and insomnia. Its dominant flavour profile is sweet, with hints of citrus, complemented by a robust, pungent aroma. Sativa Dominant Hybrid In-house pre-rolled joint  No trim Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams

AAAA – Pre Roll – Gorilla Glue #4

A pre-rolled joint is cheap, discreet, disposable, and easily shared among friends. It requires neither the financial investment of a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you’ve got nimble fingers or hours to spend practicing, it can be tough to learn how to twist one up. Gorilla Glue #4 is a predominantly indica hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) bred by crossing Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel strains. Renowned worldwide by patients and breeders alike, it delivers potent and enduring effects that induce a profound sense of relaxation. Its high begins with a gradual uplift in euphoria and creative energy, eventually evolving into a glue-like sensation, immersing you in a blissful state of mind and body. With THC levels averaging between 20% and 32%, it's favoured for alleviating conditions such as ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, migraines, and headaches. Its flavour profile features spicy chocolate with a diesel exhale, which becomes subtly sweet with each toke. The aroma mirrors this, with added peppery notes, contributing to its allure. Indica Dominant Hybrid In-house pre-rolled joint  No trim Each pre-roll contains 0.75 grams

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Kryptonite – Indica – AAAA

Superman himself would have a hard time handling this massively potent indica strain, which has an 15:85 sativa/indica ratio. With THC content higher than 25%, Kryptonite packs a major euphoric punch. It’s best for anxiety, but also good for depression and insomnia. Kryptonite has a sweet but pungent earthy smell and a similar flavour. Dry mouth is common, as are red eyes, but most other adverse effects are limited. Kryptonite is most popular in legal markets in the West and Southwest United States, less so elsewhere. It scores well with patients, though it isn’t easily found in many places. This strain creates a powerful, long-lasting couch-lock that eases pain and stress. Don’t let the name fool you: Kryptonite is strong, but it’s highly effective as medication, as long as it’s used to treat the right symptoms. Likely a blend of Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps, both hybrids, Kryptonite also has a touch of the infamously potent G-13 in its lineage. Legend says that super strain was smuggled out of the federal government’s only pot farm back in the 60s. It’s probably just myth, but anything with G-13 in it is bound to pack a major wallop. Effects: Euphoria, Creative, Sleepy, Happy, Calming Flavours: Berry, Earthy, Sweet, Citrus, Spicy, Pine THC 28.75 % CBD 1.3%

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Hectane – Hybrid – AAAA

Hectane is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the potent Hightech X Project 4516 strains. Beloved for its super high potency level and long-lasting high, Hectane is the perfect choice for any experienced patient who's a fan of high-powered indica dominant hybrids. The high starts almost as soon as you exhale, slamming into your brain with a sense of pure euphoria that leaves no space for negative moods or racing thoughts. You'll find yourself filled with a sense of the giggles that has you laughing at anything and everything around you with ease. At the same time, a physical relaxation will wash over you, dropping you into a state of pure calm and ease that has you pretty immovable at times. Thanks to these effects and its super high 25-36% average THC level, Hectane is often recommended for experienced patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, depression, chronic stress or anxiety and insomnia. This bud has a sweet and sugary citrusy candy flavour with a spicy diesel exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a spicy earthy overtone accented by a punch of sour citrusy diesel and hints of sweet sugar. Effects: Giggly, Tingly, Euphoria, Aroused, Sleepy, Relaxing Flavours: Diesel, Lemon, Sour, Earthy, Sugary, Citrus, Pepper 28.85% THC 1.40% CBD

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Cherry Wonka – Sativa – AAAA

Cherry Wonka is a rare sativa strain resulting from crossing the classic Gobstopper and Juliet #3 strains. The Cherry Wonka buds are typically dense, dark olive green with brownish amber hairs and a frosty layer of tiny matching crystal trichomes. When you break apart each sticky little nug, sweet aromas of earth and cherries are released. Each sweet inhale delivers mouthwatering flavours of fresh cherries and fruity earth with a hint of herbs. The Cherry Wonka high builds quickly, affecting you cerebrally just a few minutes after your first puff. You’ll experience a euphoric surge of energy and motivation, accompanied by creative inspiration and a deep sense of focus. These powerful cerebral effects can be overwhelming for those with anxiety, so proceed with caution! Combined with its exceptionally high average THC level of 25-31%, these effects make Cherry Wonka effective for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, and ADD or ADHD. Effects: Energetic, Talkative, Uplifting, Focus, Giggly Flavours: Cherry, Citrus, Vanilla, Pine, Sweet, Berry 29.1% THC 0.73% CBD

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Lab Leak – Hybrid – AAAA

Lab Leak is a hybrid strain that leans slightly towards indica dominance, with a ratio of 60% indica to 40% sativa. It was created by crossing the potent strains Chemdawg X Sunshine Daydream with Star Pupil. Lab Leak is renowned for its intense aroma and powerful high, making it an excellent choice for unwinding at the end of the day and aiding sleep. Its scent fills any room with a strong diesel smell, complemented by sharp lemony notes and a hint of spicy black pepper. The taste is equally robust, with a diesel and pepper flavour enhanced by lemony undertones and a touch of floral notes. The high from Lab Leak hits quickly, often before the coughing subsides, delivering a lifted sense of euphoria that can leave you feeling cheerful and giggly, almost detached from reality. As the initial cerebral effects settle in, a profound body buzz takes over, inducing a deep relaxation that's perfect for extended periods of relaxation. With its potent THC levels averaging between 22% to 25%, Lab Leak is particularly effective in treating conditions like chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, arthritis, and inflammation. Effects: Body High, Uplifting, Focus, Creative, Euphoria Flavours: Citrus, Diesel, Sour, Lemon, Peppery, Spicy THC 27.9% CBD 1.85%

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Critical Kush – Indica – AAAA

Critical Kush is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous Barney's Farm as a potent cross between the insanely popular Critical Mass X OG Kush strains. This dank bud boasts a moderately high THC level ranging from 20-30% on average and a potent combination of indica and sativa effects. Users describe the Critical Kush high as having a slowly building onset of a hazy relaxed body high with a hint of euphoria. You'll feel completely at ease with significant pain relief as well as happy and uplifted. As the high continues, you'll fall into a deep state of introspection with a slowly building sense of sedation that will eventually ease you into a deep and pain-free sleep. Due to these potent effects, Critical Kush is said to be an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as stress, chronic pain due to injury or illness, mild to moderate cases of depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia and night terrors. Critical Kush has an aroma of earthy spicy pine and a taste of earthy pine with a sweetly spicy aftertaste upon exhale. Effects: Euphoria, Body High, Hungry, Sleepy, Mellow Flavours: Herbal, Pine, Sweet, Earthy, Woody, Spicy 27.9% THC 1.5% CBD

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Chocolope Kush – Indica – AAAA

Chocolope Kush is an indica dominant strain created through a cross of the insanely delicious Chocolope X Kosher Kush strains. This bud is infamous for its flawless fusion of Chocolope flavours and Kosher Kush effects. Like its parents, Chocolope Kush has a sweet rich flavour of chocolate coffee with a nutty hint and an exhale packed full of sweet kush flavours. The aroma is of sweet pungent earth with hints of scorched sugary chocolate and vanilla as the nugs are burned. If you love the flavour of Chocolope Kush, you'll love the high even more. It starts with a euphoric uplifted effect that gives you a mood boost and a positive outlook on life. A sense of energy will build and build as your head high does, leaving you focused and motivated to tackle anything at hand. A heavy body buzz comes next, pulling you down into lazy relaxation and sleepy bliss, although you'll be hit with a case of the munchies almost immediately after. Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Giggly, Uplifting, Sleepy Flavours: Chocolate, Sweet, Nutty, Pine, Chemical, Coffee 28.40% THC 1.3% CBD

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Straight A’s Haze – Sativa – AAAA

Straight A's Haze is a sativa dominant strain created as a super-powered phenotype of the classic Haze strain. Don't let the parentage fool you – Straight A's Haze won't leave you unfocused or unmotivated. Rather, you'll be laser-focused and energized, ready to tackle schoolwork, work, and everything beyond. This bud has an immediate onset that slams into your mind with a rush of motivated and uplifted energy. You'll feel a sense of mental clarity and focus that leaves you motivated and ready to get down to work. This effect seems to build with absolutely no ceiling, lasting for hours and getting you ready to attack anything and everything on your to-do list. Thanks to these effects and its potent 20% + average THC level, Straight A's Haze is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, nausea, and ADD or ADHD. Effects: Euphoria, Motivation, Focused, Energizing, Uplifted Flavours: Tea, Citrus, Sweet, Herbal 28.2% THC 1.3% CBD

$125 Oz, $375 QP, $690 HP – Rocket Fuel – Hybrid – AAAA

Rocket Fuel is a super rare indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the classic Jet Fuel OG X Face Off OG BX1 strains. This hard-hitting bud will have you dazed and kicked back after just one hit. The high starts with a rush of lifted effects that launch through your brain, leaving you totally euphoric and unfocused for hours on end. As your mind rushes higher and higher into outer space, your body will start to drop back to the earth, leaving you totally relaxed and couch-locked as you fade further and further away. A super sleepy state comes next, leaving you dozing almost immediately and drifting away into a deep and peaceful sleep. With these effects and its super high 23-29% average THC level, Rocket Fuel is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic pain, cramps, and nausea. This bud has a rich spicy fruity candy flavour with a lightly herbal exhale. Effects: Body High, Focused, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy Flavours: Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Candy, Diesel, Sweet 28.1% THC 1.2% CBD